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woman blocks subway door

Q: How many times have I wanted to do this on the subway? A: exactly as many times as I’ve ridden the subway.


    woman blocks subway door

    Q: How many times have I wanted to do this on the subway? A: exactly as many times as I’ve ridden the subway.

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  2. katedanley:

    This is me puppeteering.  I trained for about six months, performed the head of a 20-foot dinosaur on an NBC pilot, toured around doing shows here in LA, made my own YouTube videos, and because of puppetry, had some of the most incredible experiences a person can have. 

    The blonde haired guy at the bottom is the man responsible for kickstarting that phase of my life.  He is my teacher, Michael Earl.  

    You might know him as Mr. Snuffleupagus.

    Michael learned on-camera puppetry while working with Jim Henson and Frank Oz.  He was in the cast of The Muppet Movie, originated Forgetful Jones on Sesame Street, and yes, was the front end of Snuffy (and is the voice you heard) in the early 1980s.

    Michael has colon cancer.  And no health insurance.  After 30 years as a SAG performer, he didn’t make his wage minimums to qualify these past two years, and he’s on his own right now.


    I know it is a bummer for folks to always have their hand out, but seriously…  Mr. Snuffleupagus has cancer.  

    If you can donate $5, $10, the cost of a cup of coffee, whatever, every little bit helps.  It’s like Breaking Bad without the safety net of a meth lab in the desert.

    Everyone is talking about “Saving Sesame Street”, but maybe if we let the politicians battle that out in the debates, we can at least take responsibility for saving one of Sesame Street’s performers.


  3. „The bottom line is that when we pressure women to have children, even if we are just innocently asking “when” it will happen, what we are really saying is that women aren’t worth much without them. Men aren’t asked this question incessantly.“

    Ashley Lauren Samsa: 7 Billion Means You Can Stop Asking When I’m Having A Baby (via styro)

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  4. So, the place where I work occasionally gets famous people in. I am cool with that, and I don’t turn into a gushing fan girl or anything. They’re just people, etc. And for the most part, they are kind and happy to chat.

    But it’s still pretty cool when you suggest something to them, and it’s met with, “Oh yeah! That’s perfect!” It’s even cooler when you see that they put that idea into use.

  5. Things that have changed:

    I got a full time job! With health insurance! This is the biggest, and most welcome change. I have made a bunch of friends, the schedule isn’t terrible, and it’s around the corner from a movie theater. And having health insurance again means that you can punch me in the face and I won’t have to pay (much) out of pocket to get it fixed before I sue your bitch ass.

    I got back with a guy I was kind of mentally hung up on, and it went down the tubes in a mental blaze of glory again. (I say “mental” because I’ll be dammed if I let him know.) This totally killed any desire I may have had to get back with him and has changed my outlook on relationships for the better. It sucked, but I’m glad it happened. Lemons, lemonade, MAGIC.

    I started another tumblr, You Want My Room. It was filled with true-story emails from people who were looking to move in with me after I kicked out my former roommate. The NYC rental market is nuts, and it was born of my desperation to find some humor in the situation. I had been looking for a roommate since January, I needed the room filled by March 15, and I started the tumblr on March 8. It lasted for about two glorious days. But then something kind of fucked up happened (see next paragraph) and all of a sudden, I decided that I would not be living with a roommate anymore.

    I don’t have a roommate anymore. I have no idea how I’m pulling off this paying rent on my own thing. Due to the way that my former roommate left (and the whole experience of having him here in general, I think he was a decent guy but he was a nightmare roommate), I’m kind of jaded on having a roommate. Plus, I’m 31. I know it’s NYC and everyone has a roommate, but I’m really really enjoying living alone. How he left is a long story, if I don’t know you personally, maybe I’ll tell it here one day. I don’t know. Maybe one day I’ll be ready. (For anyone who is wondering, no, he didn’t physically hurt me in any way, I’m good! I’m sorry I’m being vague. But the outcome is that I get to live alone! And I can fart in the kitchen, and sleep with my bedroom door open. It’s heaven.)

    Things that have stayed the same:

    I am writing this from bed with no pants. Turns out you don’t have to be unemployed to do that.

  6. So this thing is still here, huh?

    Not much to share today, except that I think it’s going to be an opposite food day. I had leftover roasted potatoes, carrots and red onions for breakfast. I’m going to have a chicken salad sandwich for lunch. And you know what sounds great for dinner? Pancakes.


  7. Because I suspect that my friends are sick of hearing me talk about it, I would like to talk about being underemployed. Specifically, I would like to talk about what is TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME about it.

    1. I woke up this morning, on a Thursday, and just laid there. I snuggled with my pillow and I closed my eyes and just laid there. Being cozy makes me the happiest person on the planet.

    2. I totally just made myself pizza on an english muffin for breakfast.

    3. I am writing this from bed without pants on.

    4. I don’t have to shower if I don’t want to.

    5. I can get out of doing things with friends that I really don’t want to do (usually this involves getting gussied up and drinking $12 drinks while watching people dance) by saying “damn, I wish I could, but I’m short on cash right now, sorry!”

    Of course, with the pros come the cons, and most of the cons have to do with the fact that there’s not a reliable stream of income flowing through the Bank of Alison at the moment, and rent is due tomorrow. But just for today, that’s ok because I have no pants on, and YOU DO, SUCKER!

  8. You know those people who, when they’re filling out online profiles (dating, facebook, whatever), list way too much information under “Books/Movies/Music I Like”? (Like, more than 2 or 3 for each category?) They annoy me. I think that it’s pretty arrogant that you think I give a shit.

    Of course, I have a blog again, so what do I know?

  9. If you’re on Facebook, no doubt you’ve been tagged for the “25 Things” meme. I like the idea of it. It’s kind of like one of those 1,000 question surveys, except there’s no questions and you have to think up everything yourself. Which is sorta great, that whole thinking thing.

    So, I’ve been tagged a bunch of times for it, and I wrote one out sporadically over the course of a week or so. I haven’t posted it at all because I am kind of wary - I mean my MOM is one of my Facebook friends, as are a former boss or two. In theory, I don’t care what people think of me. However, I’ve had this text file sitting on my desktop for about a month, and the only time I think that I should post it is after a couple drinks.

    So yeah, if it’s only a good idea when there’s rum flowing through my bloodstream, it’s not a good idea to post it on Facebook.

    Since I haven’t bothered to update here, it just hit me. I have 25 entries written already! Granted, I don’t think any of them are scandalous enough to be shocking, but why the hell shouldn’t I post them here, right? I’ll add some to some of them, some of them will get posted as is.

    Off we go.

    1. I DVR The Wheel of Fortune, and I really, really, really want to be on it one day. I feel like watching the DVR’d episodes are practice. I do pretty well from home. But did you see the woman last week who got “balcony” in the bonus round?!? She was AWESOME! And she is my hero. I would have never, ever, ever gotten that.

    The woman in question’s board looked like this, the category was “Place”:

     _ _ L _ O _ _

    Amazing, right? Since I’m trying to be a super WOF pro, I sometimes pause during the bonus round if I can’t get it, and I tried for a good minute or so (which is an eternity in WOF time) and I couldn’t get it. Vanna was shocked. Pat was shocked. I was shocked. The audience went wild, and that amazing genius woman went home with a big ‘ol pile of cash and prizes. Hooray!

  10. (after going through the problem, describing problem, trying to fix it, still no cable.)

    TWC: Yeah, it’s absolutely, definitely your cable box.

    Me: AWESOME. So I can just switch it out and be all set, right?

    TWC: Well, I can’t say for sure, I’m not a tech.